Van Halen Tribute 5150, maandag 22 juli 2024 


 We willen jullie graag voorstellen aan onze nieuwe bassist, Robbin van de Bor.

Frank, bedankt voor de mooie jaren en optredens die we met je hebben gehad.


Music fans worldwide have long held Van Halen in high regard, thanks to their insanely iconic sound, ridiculous bleeding-edge musicianship, and “ear-worm” memorable songs. As such, it is no surprise that bands have formed to pay homage to these rock legends by performing their music live for audiences everywhere. 


Van Halen is often regarded as one of history’s most influential and iconic rock bands. Formed in 1972, Van Halen became a hard rock fan favorite for their intense sound and energetic live shows. 

With perhaps the greatest rock guitarist to ever live, Edward Van Halen, on guitar, the consummate rock ‘n roll frontman David Lee Roth on vocals, the sneaky-talented Michael Anthony on bass and innovative Alex Van Halen on drums, the band created an unmistakable style that continues to inspire modern musicians. As such, it’s no surprise that many tribute acts have emerged that seek to recreate the unique sounds of Van Halen.

Ultimately, when realy done right,  like Van Halen Tribute 5150 ,  serve as a celebration and a reminder of why fans worldwide still love VH today.


So can't you see me standing here?
I've got my back against the record machine
I ain't the worst that you've seen


van halen

Eddie van Halen (1955-2020) overleden.

Lees hier het bericht in BN de Stem op 07-10-2020. 

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